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Grow your small business and small town with us.

Who We Are

We're passionate about seeing small towns grow. After creating Small Town Startup in Springfield, Tennessee to help hundreds of small business owners grow in small towns each year, we've decided to take the show on the road and create an online network to help all small businesses in small towns throughout the United States thrive. We hope you'll join us!

Why You Should Become A Small Town Starter

Get the power to grow your business and your small town in the power of your palm. Not only will you have access to hours of on-demand courses, you'll also have access to an interactive network filled with other small town business owners, leaders, doers and dreamers.

Can I Try It For Free?

Yes! We have plans where you can stay connected for free forever, or you turbo-boost your results by joining memberships that are proven to help grow your business and town. All memberships come with a free 7-day trial.